When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

04.22.2013 / Author: Dipika Kohli

Uncovering Durham, NC, residents’ most passionate dreams—articulated in one word per person—for their city’s future, community art project STITCH is in its final stretch of a Kickstarter campaign, which is set to end on

“Love,” “blessed,” and “yeasty,” are a few of the 276 words that emerged as more than 500 people added their own and voted on words garnered by a simple question, “In one word, tell us what you’d like to see Durham become.” From the mayor to young schoolgoers, words gathered by hand by asking directly or through an online form came together. You can see the word cloud at http://www.orangutanswing.com/stitch.

STITCH is the name of the project underway to collect the community’s voice for what it would like to become, and make that into something tangible. That’s where the April 8 launch for Kickstarter comes in. It’s a crowdsourcing platform to gather microfunds through which the organizers—Akira Morita and his wife Dipika Kohli, who are co-owners of their own creative studio, seek to generate conversations around how art is perceived in the community, gather support for the local artists, and change the way things are done normally. STITCH is a way to bring the creative process of discovery and play into a public forum.

Can the team gather enough interest from local citizens to art direct original new artworks by some 20 local artists that will be inspired by STITCH’s Top 50 words? That’s the question the Kickstarter will seek to solve.

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Ten Meters of Thinking: The ABC of Communication

03.11.2013 / Author: Paul Hughes

Through his ’10 meters of thinking’ Paul Hughes unrolls stories that create organizational change. This change is an ongoing path where he uses design & branding to pave the way and offer signposts for the journey, which he coaches participants to walk with practical steps.

Ten Meters of Thinking is a visual/verbal experience where Paul Hughes draws as he speaks. Across ten meters of paper he reveals stories that are used to stimulate individual and organizational change. Storytelling is a timeless art that Paul applies in a timely manner.

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Branding is a choice.

08.14.2012 / Author: Ryan Anderson

The easiest way to explain what a design is to a non-designer is that it is a series of decisions. From the broad (“what is this thing?”) to the minute (“should this be one pixel closer?”), every decision shapes the final product. The difference between good and great design often lies in the strength of and commitment to those decisions.

Branding follows the same principle. When a logo doesn’t have a strong rationale, if the corporate colours are chosen because it’s the colour of someone’s bedroom, that’s when branding fails.
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What is Damn Good Design?

05.04.2012 / Author: Steve Zelle

Damn good design can be groundbreaking, making us reflect “I NEVER would have thought of that”. It can suddenly become painfully obvious making us think “why DIDN’T I come up with that?”. Damn good design can surprise us, make us smile, form strong opinions, and result in action.

In the recently published book Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their all Time Favourite Projects, Tim Lapetino and Jason Adam of design-firm Hexanine explore what sets Damn Good work apart.

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Are we allowed to be creative?

04.18.2011 / Author: Dipika Kohli

Picture it.

The seed of an idea parks in your head. And won’t dislodge.

The more you talk about it, the more it spools from vague to shapely. But it’s still elusive.

As you attempt to articulate, you know your speech is warbled. That doesn’t stop you.

People look at you like you have three heads. No matter. You continue your soliloquy.

Every. Chance. You. Get.

And then, one minute, you float from scattered to perfect clarity.

You’ve bubbled over.

Every molecule in your body shakes with new knowledge: it’s time.

Pick up the pencil. Flesh a first, clean line.

Welcome to the creative process.

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One Year of Processed Identity (Time for Change)

04.14.2011 / Author: Steve Zelle

Processed Identity is a highlight of the past year for me. I love running the site, meeting contributors and being involved in the discussions around the creative process of logo and brand design.

A year was also long enough to know I needed to make some changes.

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