About Processed Identity

Why Processed Identity?

Processed Identity was created to highlight the benefits a customized and structured process provides to logo and brand identity design. The intent is to illustrate to designers and clients what is lost when engaging in a cattle call through $99 logo sites, contests, spec work and crowdsourcing.

The site was launched in 2010 by me, Steve Zelle, a logo and brand identity designer with over twenty years of experience designing and developing my creative process with clients. I currently operate as idApostle, based in Ottawa, Canada.

The site name reflects the series of steps a logo or brand identity design undergoes to refine, evaluate, and meet specific goals and needs.

Goals for Processed Identity

  • Highlight the benefits a customized and structured process can achieve
  • Illustrate the failings of crowdsourcing, $99 logos, stock identities and spec work
  • Become a source of information for clients
  • Provide a source of inspiration for logo and brand identity designers
  • Impart in young designers starting out, the value of the creative process

The spirit of the site is to share, encourage, and discuss in a thoughtful, mindful manner with respect for all contributors.

Contribute to Processed Identity

All content on the Processed Identity site is provided by contributors. If you would like to share a Creative Process Study or an Article on Processed Identity, check out the Contribute page for the benefits and guidelines.

Articles About Processed Identity

HOW Magazine : Top 10 Sites for Designers : April 5, 2010

“We at HOW magazine were so taken with your site that we have listed it as one of our website’s “Top 10” sites to see this month.” read more

Design Edge Canada : Processed Identity Goes Beyond the Logo : December 18, 2009

“With all the discussion about stock logos and the multitude of sites that highlight logos of the day, Ottawa-based designer Steve Zelle says he wanted to build a place that goes deeper into the story behind logos. “There is a lot of talk about how pretty something is but not about the thought that goes on behind the logo,” he says.” read more

Arrows and Icons Magazine : Site Focus: Processed Identity : December 8, 2009

“I think initiatives like this highlight the underlying need to do more in demonstrating the value of design to our clients and the general public. Too often we get caught up in ranting about how spec work, crowdsourcing, etc. may hurt us as designers that we forget to communicate the potential pitfalls for our clients and their businesses. We need to communicate that design is not just making pretty pictures, but rather a strategic process that can have a significant impact on the success of a business.” read more