One Year of Processed Identity (Time for Change)

04.14.2011 / Author: Steve Zelle

Processed Identity is a highlight of the past year for me. I love running the site, meeting contributors and being involved in the discussions around the creative process of logo and brand design.

A year was also long enough to know I needed to make some changes.

Processed Identity One Year Old

Goodbye GoDaddy

Things have never been great with GoDaddy. The recent video of CEO, Bob Parsons promoting his big game hunting was the deciding factor in moving the site (and idApostle) to another host.

Bluehost is much faster and should reduce the frustration several readers voiced over the last year concerning speed. There may be a few bugs to work out with the move so please let me know if you discover anything.

Small Changes = Big Change

The old site layout required that a new creative process study, article, and discussion are posted simultaneously. Coordinating this content led to long delays in updating the site.

The home page is a now a running list of the most current posts—classic blog style. The current goal is to publish a new post every two weeks.

A list of contributors has been added in the sidebar, and the number of (free) contributor ads has been increased to provide additional profile for participants.

It’s vital that submitting a post is as hassle free as possible. New instructions for contributing have been added to the site, including examples, technical requirements, a list of what you can expect from me in return for your time, and a checklist to ensure nothing is missing when sending your post. This should make things much smoother.

The discussion questions will continue but in a slightly different format. I will now contact several designers directly for their opinions on a relevant question. These opinions will serve as a starting point for further reader debate. If you would like to occasionally be contacted for these discussion posts, please let me know.

Promoting Processed Identity

More time will be spent promoting Processed Identity to trade publications, design and marketing sites this year. If you know of an opportunity to speak or write about Processed Identity, please get in touch—increased profile and discussion about the value of the creative process is good for all of us.

Facebook at Last

There is now a Facebook page linking to new Processed Identity content and relevant external posts I discover. You are welcome to post your work, company news, or anything else related to the creative process of identity design.


With crowdsourcing, spec work and design contests in the news daily, we have an opportunity to showcase the value found only in an intimate creative relationship with a client. Processed Identity will continue to highlight what is lost in a cattle call approach to logo and brand design.

The Processed Identity site is a work in progress fed by reader and contributor feedback. If you know of a way I can provide increased value, please let me know.

One year on, I am thankful for all the contributors, everyone who has left a comment, read the blog, promoted the site, interviewed me, or written about Processed Identity.

It has been a very rewarding first year.

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4 comments, please join in the discussion

  1. 04.19.2011

    Good to hear about the new changes, and Happy Birthday Processed Identity. 🙂

    • 04.20.2011

      Thanks very much for the birthday wishes and your support this past year Rachel. It is very much appreciated.

  2. David Airey

    A little late to the post, Steve, but a belated pat on the back for continuing the focus on intimate creative client relationships.

    Here’s to every success for you in work and life. Respect.