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11.10.2009 / Author: Steve Zelle

This following article and it’s comments are from the holding page that was up while the Processed Identity site was being developed.

Thanks for your interest in Processed Identity, our soon to be launched website that explores the creative processes designers use when defining and refining visual brands.

The site will serve both as a source of inspiration to designers as well as a platform to illustrate the benefits that only a customized and structured process can achieve. Unlike the logo-of-the-day sites that exist, all work shown will be the result of a client/designer relationship, so all designs will be from published projects.

There is clearly a market for stock identity solutions considering the recent news that iStockPhoto will begin selling pre-designed logos alongside other sites like Brandstack. We believe this has highlighted the need for designers to explore and promote the value of a ‘processed identity’.

A January launch for the site is planned and we are looking for designers to share insights into how they were able to achieve results, through the detailed storytelling of their process. We are currently working on the framework these stories will take, and once complete, will provide designers with questions and requirements to guide their submissions. If you would like to participate or have suggestions on the framework, or questions that should be included, please let us know.

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  1. 11.24.2009

    Great idea and I hope this site gains the exposure we need it to!

  2. 11.24.2009

    While logos aren’t my specialty I have the utmost respect for designers who create logos for a living. I find logo design is one of the most challenging and yet the most underpaid of the creative services I offer.

  3. 11.24.2009

    Thanks Brian and Joann,

    I have my fingers crossed — there has been a surprising amount of interest already.

    I am currently working on the framework the articles will take so I can provide it to designers submitting their processes. I have asked a number of studios to provide input on what they would like to see and welcome any feedback from the community so please let me know.

    I am so looking forward to this. Thanks again for taking the time.

  4. 11.25.2009

    I look forward to this positive approach to the value of the logo design process in contrast to the over-the-counter take on logos. As a logo designer myself I see a need for both approaches, though I am concerned that the iStock and Brandstack approach to logo design ultimately erodes the value of client/designer approach in the end. I look forward to contributing as well as learning from other designers’ processes.

  5. 11.25.2009

    I am on board with this. Can’t wait to hear more.

    I think logo exploration is essential to a company. So much more than putting together type and a symbol. It helps a company clarify who they are, what they want to do, and how they want to be seen.

    Also, I can’t believe I heard about this through a HOW Magazine sponsored email. I thought they were supposed to support designers?

  6. 11.25.2009

    Hi Steve,

    Good luck with the official January launch. I’ll be sure to come back and see what you’ve been working on, and I hope it goes well for you.

    All the best.

  7. 11.25.2009

    Thanks for all the comments.

    Tad: Great that you will be contributing. I am looking forward to getting the first few up in early January.

    Rebecca: How has posted a note on Twitter today saying “. . . email went out w/o our OK; we’re not happy & DO NOT endorse. Apologies.” and “Designers, please know HOW does not endorse cheap design services of any kind. We support the smart, considered work U do.”

    (by the way everyone, if you are looking for a book a designer on your Christmas list would like, check out Davids new logodesignlove book at )

  8. 11.30.2009

    How and Print magazine released a statement today that is definitely worth reading.

    “Last week HOW and Print magazines sent a promotional email from one of our clients which promoted stock logos.

    This message has produced a firestorm of anger and disappointment over how two well respected brands could endorse something that violates and threatens the basic principles of graphic design. Our editorial teams – who were unaware of the promotional message – were equally outraged, as it reflected poorly on their brands. And all of the outrage is justified.”

    read the rest of the statement here:

  9. Sharon Landon

    Thanks, Steve. I’m totally on board. Looking forward to your launch!

  10. 12.02.2009

    This very much sounds like a great concept and am looking forward to the January launch.

    I am also concerned that the efforts of iStockphoto and Brandstack’s pre-designed logos are eroding the very discipline we are specialists in.

    Being able to tell the complete story of a logo and identity project will certainly set apart any hobbyist works and show what a complete, well-crafted and thorough design can do for a company or service. This, I am sure will help increase our market value.

  11. 12.11.2009

    Great idea, something that I’ll be pointing my clients to…

  12. 12.12.2009

    Hi Steve. Fantastic concept and I will follow you on the journey……Ian

  13. 01.05.2010

    I think that this is a great idea… Some clents really understand and appreciate the work that into developing a mark or a brand… others don’t. would love to participate!

  14. 01.05.2010

    Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone. The site should be live on January 18 with our first Process Study coming from a very talented UK design team.