Creative Process Study 15

12.01.2010 / Project: Nossi College of Art

Bruce Stanley

One of the first tasks that I was asked to accomplish when I came on board at Nossi College of Art was to look at their brand identity change and its process, which was already underway. Nossi was in the middle of a rebranding campaign and was struggling with some decisions that would help them establish a new perspective in the market. In the past the brand had suffered from some negative growth experiences and—after 37 years it had one more chance to be new again.

Nossi is actually the name of the woman who founded the school, teaching right out of her home after immigrating from Iran. She believes everyone should have the chance to express their creativity and she became devoted to educating those wanting to explore their opportunities in art.

Today, the school has just built a 55,00 sq. ft. creative oasis in Nashville. Complete with state-of-the-art technology and environmental upgrades the facility is truly a place conducive for creativity. Offering Associate and Bachelor degrees from Graphic Design and Illustration to Photography and Videography, it is an art college to be reckoned with.

The existing mark was dated and didn’t portray the college as a serious institution.

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Creative Process Study 14

11.01.2010 / Project: BevReview


We were commissioned by the founders of the drink aficionado website,, to design a new identity. The logo would be used primarily on print collateral and eventually a redesigned website. To decide on which symbols were relevant for this project, our team did a significant amount of research and interviews with the owners of the company, to get at the guts of what BevReview is about — its mission, if you will.

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Creative Process Study 13

09.20.2010 / Project: The Gambrinus

Pierini Partners

In this article, Adrián Pierini, designer and CEO of this prestigious Argentinean agency, tells us about the process that led to the new image of an emblematic icon of the most important beer company in Bolivia.

How can we alter a company’s tradition? How can we modify an image that synthesizes one of the most well-known icons for the Bolivian people? The analysis, talent, creativity and, above all, the respect for the existing values were basic requirements when we started such a challenge.

Adrián Pierini has done several branding developments for leader products of the mass market, not only national but international as well. So, as soon as he started this project, he understood that it would be more transcendental than just a simple aesthetic change.

In this occasion, it would not be a product that would be changed, but the core of a brand, which has emotional connotation.

For the Bolivian, CBN is something to be proud of. It is a hundred-year-old company that has gained respect and admiration in all the territory.

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Creative Process Study 12

06.28.2010 / Project: Grimm Brother Brewhouse

The Tenfold Collective

When The Tenfold Collective first meets with a client to discuss creating their brand, we don’t just want to know about the product and target audience. We want to know what makes them tick. To get inside our client’s head we try to adhere to a process to make sure we’re touching on everything that goes into creating a personal and effective brand.

Now, let’s be clear — we don’t believe in a formula that works every single time. We acknowledge (and even revere) the pure intuition that is an indisputable part of our craft. But, we also figure a little check-listing never hurt creative types, and it’s all about balance, right? Right. Without further ado…

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Creative Process Study 11

06.14.2010 / Project: Million Monarchs

Design Kompany

A father-and-son team based in Bend, Ore., approached us for a brand identity design. Through the branding process, Sean Patrick and his father, Dennis Patrick, got to explore what made them really excited, and also, where and how they excel. Along the way, we were inspired to drop their original name. Dennis, a longtime electrical contractor, said: “There’s always a way to do it. You just have to be innovative.”

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Creative Process Study 10

05.24.2010 / Project: Design That Talks

Matt Van Ekeren

After making the decision to move to a new city and a build out my career, I knew it was imperative to make an impact with my personal branding. The unique challenge involved developing an identity not only for a freelance professional, but for very specific experiences associated with building a network of new colleagues.

I coined the name Design That Talks, as my freelance company, and now needed to build a professional image without losing ‘me’ in the process. Before starting with any of the designs, I needed to step back and think about how I was going to approach people and companies and what I wanted their first interaction with me to be. Being a traditionalist, I knew hand written letters and face-to-face communication were going to be the primary tools.

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