Creative Process Study 03

02.13.2010 / Project: Garbage Critic


We were approached by Garbage Critic—a waste reduction and management consultancy—to design an identity for their startup. As a new agency with extensive experience in the public sector, it aimed to position itself as the leader in the field, as an innovator but also as a valuable team player in the quest for widely adaptable solutions to the waste problems we face. One of our challenges was to represent waste—something few people wish to think about—in a way that was engaging and eloquent.

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Creative Process Study 02

01.31.2010 / Project: Shevet Achim


Shevet Achim is a charitable organization that brings together Palestinian families and Israeli surgeons—to provide life-saving heart surgeries for Palestinian children while breaking down cultural barriers. Even though their strategic work of peace and compassion spoke volumes, the identity needed an overhaul. We wanted to amplify the core message, allowing the great humanitarian work to shine through

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Creative Process Study 01

01.16.2010 / Project: We are Him+Her

Ruth Galloway & Glenn Kiernan

Designing your own identity is a very personal project, and possibly the hardest job you can accomplish as a creative. The pressure of unlimited possibilities, working with the toughest client – yourself – and under the gaze of your peers’ critical eyes: it has to be right. It has to be bombproof.

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