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05.09.2011 / Project: wanderlust

Foreign Policy Design Group

Brief and Vision

wanderlust is a design boutique hotel by Singaporean hotelier Loh Lik Peng. This hotel targets travelers who not just understand & appreciate design but are curious and interested in engaging & immersing in new experience. Each floor is designed by a different designer who was given free creative reign to design the rooms.

We were tasked to create a quirky and fun brand that is synonymous with the ideas and experience of travels and journeys, of the process of discovery, of that innocent dream-like feeling. The vision of the hotel owner has always been grounded by the history and surroundings of his property. Since each floor is designed by a different designer, the floors all look & feel very different. Our challenge is to achieve a cohesive voice and unity through the branding and identity. A voice which will also augment the ideals and creativity of the project yet still preserve the honesty of the meaning of “wanderlust”.

Approach and Solution

The Little India neighborhood in Singapore has always been an eye-opener and cultural revelation to travelers, providing that wanderlust effect. We want to stay true to that experience by using contextual elements surrounding the area as well as from a traveler’s panorama. The building, a former elementary school in the early 1900s, inspired that child-like innocence—folding a paper plane or assembling a plane kit, with the dream of possibly to one day travel the world. Various forms of ephemerals & keepsakes experienced during a journey were carefully studied, considered & deployed onto the collateral set. Bus ticket for rate cards; air ticket for brochure; a multi-functional ITINERARY book etc.

We also took in consideration the tactile quality of these materials that would farther evoke the wanderlust emotion—an added layered experience that we like the guests to take away with, especially with the design of ITINERARY. It appears to be a simple innocent notebook but in reality, it is a piece of multi-functional travel memorabilia that the guests could use when experiencing wanderlust in Singapore and perhaps take it with them when they leave. Instead of the conventional huge and almost-useless in-room directory, ITINERARY improves with added and almost commonsensical features of nice local information: area maps, train/bus maps, local shops and restaurants to check out as well as thoughtful blank pages for notes and sketches. During check-in, the hotel guests are given an ITINERARY book each which gets visa-stamped upon checking in with room number and wi-fi passwords. We have designed the various fun visa stamps to be used by the hotel staff to ink-stamp onto the ITINERARY depending on the various activity the guests partake—checking in, assignment of room number and wi-fi passwords, payments, expired stays etc. The deployment of ITINERARY has completely changed the way guest checks into the hotel and has positively elevated the wanderlust experience.

wanderlust Itinerary 1

wanderlust Itinerary 2

wanderlust Itinerary 3

wanderlust Itinerary 4

wanderlust Itinerary 5

wanderlust Itinerary 6

wanderlust Itinerary 7

wanderlust Itinerary 8

The Brand Personality

whimsical, fun, happy, unexpected yet familiar and comforting.

Design Process

With the inspirations from contextual travel elements, we started to build the mood boards. A lot of images were personal travel photography from our globe-trotting journey. Inspiration spawns more inspiration.


With that decisive direction of keeping the look and feel contextual, we delved into the design of the logo with some exploration of the look and feel together with some typeface study. These research and studies led to even more ideas:

wanderlust study 1

wanderlust study 2

wanderlust study 3

sketch exploration


Final Execution

wanderlust logo
wanderlust as the dictionary defines, is a strong innate desire to travel.The custom made logotype expresses the feeling of dreaminess, fantasy and the discovery of the surreal landscape of a new world. The dash lines evoke the impulse to join the lines, as with the impulse to travel. The act of joining the lines is also analogous with the marking of lines from point to point,like a traveler would do on his map to plan/track his route.The airmail tricolor band is synonymous with traveling and correspondence—the conveyance of the emotions and thoughts kindled during a journey via mail.

The Rest of the Collaterals

wanderlust signage 1
wanderlust signage 2

wanderlust postcard

wanderlust sticker

wanderlust collateral 1

wanderlust collateral 2

wanderlust collateral 3

wanderlust collateral 4

wanderlust collateral 5

wanderlust collateral 6

We are not in the business of making $20 logos—which is running rampant these days because of the lack of understanding of and respect for design. For us, we take much effort and pride in understanding the client and their vision. There is always considerable energy in researching the subject matter, countless considerations and ruminations in design decisions as detailed as picking the right material or paper for each item—the process is relentless.

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  1. 05.09.2011

    Love this study. Always appreciate the time taken to outline certain crucial aspects to design and the extras it also incorporates-so not just a logo, but a brand which permeates throughout every aspect of the business-and worth it!

    Cheers Steve!

  2. 05.10.2011

    Thanks for visiting Ryan. Foreign Policy Design Group have managed to appreciate all the details and develop a brand that makes me smile and want to experience the hotel firsthand. Definitely more than a logo.

  3. Fantastic project! Thanks for sharing your process and thoughtfulness.

    I am ready to go.

  4. 06.28.2011

    Wonderful to see the whole system come together. The tricolor-mark-and-the-dotted-typeface combo is v. clever and something, IMO, only a thorough design process would unearth. Congrats.

  5. John Hilbrich

    Nicely done. I look forward to experiencing the hotel. You’ve generated some high expectations!

  6. 11.09.2012

    Thanks so much for sharing your creative process, it’s just as interesting as the finished identity. Beautifully executed.