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06.03.2012 / Project: Apotek Hjartat


BVD Apotek Hjartat Process 1

The challenge was to build a completely new brand from nothing and launch it on a mature market. Our aim was to create a logo that could win the hearts of the Swedish people. The greatest challenge was to find a balance between knowledge and credibility on one hand, and cordiality and service on the other. The traffic-light green colour is an obvious signal that is easy to see and identify. The iconic heart symbol is unique because of its opening in the centre, which creates a feeling of openness and welcome.

BVD Apotek Hjartat Process 2

BVD Apotek Hjartat 1

BVD Apotek Hjartat 2

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In April 2010 an independent consumer test was conducted by the magazine Market: “Apotek Hjärtat is the player that comes top of the list when it comes to knowledge and in second place (after Apoteket) when it comes to how well the clients recognize the logo.”

“We have succeeded with a graphic identity that is clear, particularly in the shop environment,” says Apotek Hjärtat’s vice president and marketing manager Bodil Eriksson to Market.

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