Creative Process Study 05

03.15.2010 / Project: Tok Tok Mee

Andrea Cutler


New York City born Andrea Cutler has worked as a graphic designer and art director for over 20 years. She’s a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she was a part-time instructor from 2001–06. Her expertise includes: corporate identity, promotional graphics, editorial design, packaging, publication design, and web design.

For the past 11 years, Andrea has created and overseen projects from concept to completion for many businesses and organizations — serving clients coast to coast — throughout the U.S. (and internationally.) Her design office creates modern and appropriate branding, and overall design direction for marketing materials and related collateral.

The Project:

Approached by a new restaurant management consultant group — The assignment was to design an identity for their Asian/Malaysia inspired, fast casual, dining concept. Andrea was not only asked to design the identity, but to ALSO collaborate with the owners to determine and present naming convention and overall brand positioning.

The Brand:

Modern/Historic Feel/Casual/Comfort-Food/Hip/ Easy/Fresh/Approachable/Familiar/Affordable

Research included examining Singapore street food and come up with a name solution and graphic representation. Mood boards were presented with inspirational imagery and proposed messaging. Target markets were identified and the name tok-tok-mee was selected based on a street dish predominant in Malaysia, comprised of different noodles and other local ingredients.

Research and Inspirations:

  • spice jars
  • food & tea packaging
  • flags
  • money/currency
  • kites
  • wall hangings
  • calligraphy
  • cutlery/utensils/chopstick
  • street festivals

Reference for Mood/Culture Board:

Mood/Culture Board

What’s In a Name,
Tok Tok Mee — Singapore Street Food and Noodle Emporium:

Tok Tok

Illustration by Cheah Kok Yoon

Asia has a colorful history of mobile catering. Singapore’s street food has an eclectic mix of Asian influences, from China to India. It includes is the cuisines of multicultural societies found throughout, Malaysia. Most of these cuisines are sold at road-side stalls, and pushcarts — known as “hawker food”. Among the most famous delicacies are Tok-tok Mee, which is a street food dish of egg noodles which sometimes includes wontons dumplings, with sliced barbecued pork and vegetables. The endless varieties are varied from region to region. It is served either dry with soya sauce and sesame oil, or in a clear pork stock. Tok-tok Mee  is named for the sound of knocking bamboo sticks made by the push cart vendors, which they clack together to announce their arrival, the chosen advertising methods of the Tok Tok Mee sellers as they made their way through the streets and allies of southern Malaysia. Different sizes of Bamboo makes different tones, which in turn signify the type of noodle used in the dish. These regional street foods reflect the ethnic diversity, cross-cultural exchanges and cultural innovations of Singapore.

Reference for Design Inspiration Board:

Design Inspiration Board

Reference for Color Palate and Packaging Inspiration:

Color Palate and Packaging Inspiration

The logo was based on a series of inspirations, chopsticks and spoons typically common accompaniment to such dishes was selected to establish the logo type and several applications were created to support the brand. Solutions for components included menu design – food and tea packaging and wall paper for the flagship location.

(Some of the Many) Initial Sketches:


The Solution:

Tok Tok Mee Final

Tok Tok Mee Packaging

Tok Tok Mee Menu

Tok Tok Mee Interior

Reflecting the core aesthetic direction, the branding integrated and interpreted assets within reference materials. The results were the design of iconic graphics for the logo, menu, packaging, as well as patterns for the restaurant interior. Different elements of the identity system also play a roll in signage and staff apparel. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our clients, and look forward to continuing to expand the brand into packaging for a line of prepared foods and condiments.

Research Material Gathered Included:

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  1. Mavenisms

    Wow, this is beautiful and so wonderfully executed – you can see all of the influences of the design, truly creating an immersed experience of the brand.

    • andrea

      thank you very much to you mavenisms.