Ten Meters of Thinking: The ABC of Communication

03.11.2013 / Author: Paul Hughes

Through his ’10 meters of thinking’ Paul Hughes unrolls stories that create organizational change. This change is an ongoing path where he uses design & branding to pave the way and offer signposts for the journey, which he coaches participants to walk with practical steps.

Ten Meters of Thinking is a visual/verbal experience where Paul Hughes draws as he speaks. Across ten meters of paper he reveals stories that are used to stimulate individual and organizational change. Storytelling is a timeless art that Paul applies in a timely manner.

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Branding is a choice.

08.14.2012 / Author: Ryan Anderson

The easiest way to explain what a design is to a non-designer is that it is a series of decisions. From the broad (“what is this thing?”) to the minute (“should this be one pixel closer?”), every decision shapes the final product. The difference between good and great design often lies in the strength of and commitment to those decisions.

Branding follows the same principle. When a logo doesn’t have a strong rationale, if the corporate colours are chosen because it’s the colour of someone’s bedroom, that’s when branding fails.
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Creative Process Study 21

06.03.2012 / Project: Apotek Hjartat


BVD has created a new graphic identity for Apotek Hjartat, the largest independent actor on the swedish pharmacy market which was deregulated in 2009 after being a government owned monopoly. The graphic design was applied to different identity carriers as store concept, website, packaging design for their own series, bags, printed matters, exterior signage, posters, receipts etc.

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What is Damn Good Design?

05.04.2012 / Author: Steve Zelle

Damn good design can be groundbreaking, making us reflect “I NEVER would have thought of that”. It can suddenly become painfully obvious making us think “why DIDN’T I come up with that?”. Damn good design can surprise us, make us smile, form strong opinions, and result in action.

In the recently published book Damn Good: Top Designers Discuss Their all Time Favourite Projects, Tim Lapetino and Jason Adam of design-firm Hexanine explore what sets Damn Good work apart.

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Creative Process Study 20

10.13.2011 / Project: Utrecht City Theatre


Utrecht City Theatre is a leading theatre in Utrecht and the central Netherlands. It is a place where artistic quality, cultural and community engagement, passion, adventure and skill come together. As a visitor, you want to be surprised, touched, made to laugh, or inspired to think. As a performer, you want to achieve that with the audience. Excitement, emotion and reflection are what drove our development of a custom typeface and logo. The theatre wants to appeal to a wide-ranging audience: visitors, performers and employees.

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Creative Process Study 19

09.29.2011 / Project: International Beverages (InBev)

Pierini Partners

Pierini Partners had to update the image of Kamenitza, “The Bulgarian beer brand”. The new design process started with a preliminary study of the situation, to proceed later to a designing stage. The Studio decided to generate a much more personal, attractive and memorable identity. By updating the shield, magnifying the lion, giving the logotype the value it deserves, among other changes, Adrian Pierini managed to achieve this goal.

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