Creative Process Study 12

06.28.2010 / Project: Grimm Brother Brewhouse

The Tenfold Collective

When The Tenfold Collective first meets with a client to discuss creating their brand, we don’t just want to know about the product and target audience. We want to know what makes them tick. To get inside our client’s head we try to adhere to a process to make sure we’re touching on everything that goes into creating a personal and effective brand.

Now, let’s be clear — we don’t believe in a formula that works every single time. We acknowledge (and even revere) the pure intuition that is an indisputable part of our craft. But, we also figure a little check-listing never hurt creative types, and it’s all about balance, right? Right. Without further ado…

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Creative Process Study 06

03.29.2010 / Project: Intralytix

John McHugh

During the episode entitled “The Second Coming,” in the final season of the Sopranos, Anthony Jr., deep in the throws of depression and disaffected with the world, rants to his family at dinner about the food being unsafe because the FDA is allowing companies to spray viruses onto food to combat bacteria.

While much of the sopranos was fictional, AJ’s outburst was actually founded on semi-recent developments. Earlier that year, Intralytix, a Baltimore company that manufactures phage-based products to kill bacteria on food, had been given the green light by the FDA for one of their lines of phage-based food safety products.

I was approached by Intralytix because they had decided it was time to attend to their brand, which had been pretty much an afterthought up until that point. There was no clear visual identity. Employees had home-made business cards with different iterations of logos and colors. It was clear that given the public scrutiny they were receiving coupled with the desire to grow, they needed to develop a viable brand.

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