Creative Process Study 04

03.01.2010 / Project: FocusRx

Studio Junglecat

FocusRx is a small consultancy with a finely nuanced understanding of pharmaceutical laws and systems. Using this specialized expertise, they partner with large health care provider organizations to develop prescription plans that work and make sense for the end-users. We are talking about ridiculously complicated, labyrinthine systems that would make the average head spin. FocusRx sought a graphic identity that could portray this narrow specialization within the health care field and demonstrate its value. Because they operate in an industry where efficiency and precision are a mandate, their identity must be clear, simple, and direct, but with a character that distinguishes this company amongst its peers.

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When Clients Ask to Spitball

03.01.2010 / Author: Steve Zelle

For me, logo design is an exercise in minimalism, balance, and abstract forms. It is something that doesn’t lend itself to discussion but rather to exploration and experimentation on paper by one individual or a number of designers working individually and then coming together.

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